Harley-Davidson Reports Q1 2016 Sales Results

Harley-Davidson reported a 7.2% decrease in net income over its first quarter of 2016 despite seeing an increase in worldwide…

5 years ago

Ducati Smashes Sales Record with 54,809 Motorcycle Sold in 2015

Ducati announced a new company sales record with 54,809 motorcycles sold in 2015, breaking the previous record set in 2014…

5 years ago

Harley-Davidson Reports Q2 2015 Financial Results

Harley-Davidson reported a 10% drop in motorcycle sales revenue over the second quarter of 2015 while worldwide unit sales volume…

6 years ago

Polaris Reports Q1 2015 Sales Results

Polaris Industries reported a 74.1% increase in motorcycle sales revenue. According to the company's first quarter 2015 report, the Indian and…

6 years ago

Harley-Davidson Reports Q1 2015 Sales Results

Harley-Davidson reported a net profit of $269.9 million over the first quarter of 2015. The first quarter results marked a…

6 years ago

Yamaha Reports 2014 Fiscal Results

Yamaha Motor Corp. reported a 5.3% increase in motorcycle sales revenue in 2014 despite selling 3.4% fewer motorcycles compared to…

6 years ago

Kawasaki Reports Q3 2014-2015 Fiscal Results

Kawasaki's Motorcycle & Engine division reported sales of 397,000 units through the first three quarters of its fiscal year which…

6 years ago

Honda Reports Q3 2014-2015 Fiscal Results

Honda reported sales of 4.43 million motorcycles and ATVs in its fiscal third quarter ended Dec. 31, 2014, a 4.3%…

6 years ago

Harley-Davidson Reports 2014 Fiscal Results

Harley-Davidson reported sales of 267,999 motorcycles in 2014, a 2.7% increase from the 260,839 motorcycles sold in 2013. The uptick…

6 years ago

BMW Reports Q2 2014 Financial Results

BMW reported new records for motorcycle sales volume in both quarterly and six-month periods.

7 years ago