Energica In Collaboration To Produce Marine Powertrains

Energica's partnership agreement could scale up to provide powertrains for other applications

3 months ago

Volcon Invites Investors To Join In A Round Of Public Funding

Also announce 53-acre factory, experience center, and proving grounds in Austin, Texas

3 months ago

Energica Signs Agreement With Dell’Orto To Develop EV Power Units For Small- And Medium-Size Vehicles

Well known in the internal combustion world, Dell'Orto is branching out into the EV space.

2 years ago

DigiNow Announces Supercharger V2.5 For Zero Motorcycles

DigiNow Supercharger V2.5 can charge a Zero Motorcycle from 0-80% in as little as 36 minutes

3 years ago

Energica Makes Dealer Agreement In Santa Monica, California

We're happy to learn of the new dealer agreement signed by Energica and Moto Club Santa Monica. Building a presence in EV-friendly…

3 years ago

Energica At Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show

The annual CES show in Las Vegas is the place to be this week for both technophiles and motorcyclists, or…

6 years ago

Brammo Offers Price Discounts To Offset Expiring Tax Incentives

Federal tax credits for electric motorcycles expired on December 31, 2013. To make up for the loss of consumer savings…

7 years ago

Honda To Build All-Green Test Track For E-Bikes And Cars

Honda has been making motions about its intentions to enter the electric motorcycle market with the RC-E concept bike and…

8 years ago

Brammo HQ Catches Fire, $200,000 In Damages. Motorcycles OK

This weekend the Brammo research lab in Ashland, OR caught fire after a group of lithium-ion batteries ignited. Similar occurrences…

8 years ago