Are You Damaging Your Motorcycle With E15 Fuel?

Keep an eye out for E15 fuel while filling up your motorcycle/ATV. 

2 years ago

EPA Raises Proposed Renewable Volume Obligations for 2018

Mo ethanol, mo problems! Begin Press Release: EPA releases final renewable fuel mandates for 2018 Higher volumes not in best…

3 years ago

Bill Introduced To Conduct Scientific Analysis Of E15

Currently, EPA has not approved any motorcycle or ATV to run on fuels containing more than 10% ethanol

3 years ago

Harley-Davidson Agrees To Stop Sale Of Super Tuners In EPA Settlement

Harley-Davidson must stop selling Super Tuner immediately and replace stoves in local communities

4 years ago

Twin Cam 110 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy S and Softail Slim S for 2016

New certification documents released by the California Air Resources Board and the Environmental Protection Agency reveal Harley-Davidson is adding two new…

5 years ago

Update To The AMA Petition Against EPA Ethanol Plan

AMA sends nearly 30,000 signatures to EPA in opposition to increased ethanol in nation's fuel.

5 years ago

EPA Proposes Increased Biofuel Standards That May Harm Motorcycles

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released its latest proposed Renewable Fuel Standard that would increase the levels of biofuels including…

5 years ago

EPA Approves CSC Cyclone RX-3 Motorcycle

Close on the heels of our 2015 CSC Cyclone RX-3 Review, CSC Motorcycles has announced that the Cyclone has passed the EPA US…

6 years ago