Edelweiss: Alaska-Yukon Tour + Video

If you have the means, the Alaska-Yukon Tour from Edelweiss is guaranteed to be a life changer.  Begin Press Release:…

3 years ago

Edelweiss Keeps it all in the Family

Tobias Wachter, Son of Edelweiss co-founders Werner and Coral Wachter, has been announced as the new owner of Edelweiss Bike…

3 years ago

Edelweiss Motorcycle Tours In Cuba

Americans have had a really odd relationship with Cuba, for decades being nearly out of reach for most citizens until…

3 years ago

Edelweiss Introducing The Tuareg Rally For 2017

Join Edelweiss Bike Travel and the Tuareg Rallye on a motorcycle tour to Morocco

4 years ago

Sign Up Now For An Edelweiss Harley-Davidson Tour

Let Edelweiss show you the best of Europe on a Harley-Davidson

7 years ago

Edelweiss Bike Travel And Harley-Davidson Team Up

The popular tour company is partnering with Harley-Davidson offering specialized tours.

7 years ago

Edeweiss Introduces Electric Motorcycle Tour of the Alps

One of the most common critiques about electric motorcycles is the limited range available in their lithium-ion batteries. Motorcycle tour…

7 years ago

Edelweiss Feschtl 2013 Coming To Sequoia National Park

Mark your calendars for October 11-13, as the annual Edelweiss Feschtl is coming to Sequoia National Park this year. Tyrolean…

8 years ago