Buell’s Unveiling World’s Fastest Touring and Dirt Bikes At Daytona

And no, Erik Buell has nothing to do with either of these models.

7 months ago

Buell Is Back

And 10 new models are on the way

2 years ago

Liquidation Sale on EBR Motorcycles Factory Assets

Sad news for Erik Buell fans and supporters: after failing to secure additional investors, Liquid Asset Partners has announced a…

5 years ago

Shelina Moreda Podiums In China

When Shelina stepped on the podium, the crowd of over 70,000 went absolutely wild

6 years ago

Shelina Moreda To Race EBR In Chinese Pan Delta Series

Shelina Moreda, the charismatic female Californian rider, has joined the team of the "Mighty Winged Horse"

6 years ago

EBR Motorcycles Announces Parts And Support For Europe

EBR Motorcycles and Northern Classic, Custom and Race AB have partnered.

6 years ago

EBR Announces Initial Dealer Network

Initial rollout of 11 EBR dealers, including two in California and Texas.

6 years ago

2016 EBR Pricing Announced

For 2016, EBR Motorcycles is focused on their restructuring, as well as updates on their 2017 models and development of…

7 years ago

EBR Unveiling Limited Edition Models March 17

Limited production EBRs will be "Patriotic." Dealer network will also be revealed.

7 years ago