Proposed Louisiana Bill Will Exempt Motorcycle Helmets From Mask-Wearing Ban

No longer will motorcyclists get penalized for wearing a helmet in Louisiana

6 years ago

Bill Introduced To Conduct Scientific Analysis Of E15

Currently, EPA has not approved any motorcycle or ATV to run on fuels containing more than 10% ethanol

6 years ago

AMA Urges You To Tell Your Representative To Oppose E15 Fuel Bill

E15 use can damage fuel system components and may void manufacturer warranties.

7 years ago

US House Subcommittee Hears Testimony Supporting Opening Land for Off-Highway Riding

Representatives from off-highway riding groups testified before a congressional subcommittee in support of a bill that would open 43 million…

12 years ago

Bikes with Non-EPA Tagged Exhausts Out of Big Apple

Current New York state law and Federal law prohibit motorcycles from emitting exhaust noise in excess of 80 decibels. In…

14 years ago