Ruroc Announces Batman Collaboration

London-based helmet manufacturer, Ruroc has teamed up with DC to bring a couple of new graphics portraying the Dark Knight…

2 months ago

HJC Helmets Presents Officially Licensed, DC Motorcycle Helmets

HJC continues its lineup of comic-themed helmet graphics, this time with the DC comic franchise

2 years ago

Homemade Electric “Batpod” For Sale On Ebay – Video

Direct from the "OMG" folder comes this: an electric motorcycle modeled after Batman's two-wheeler, the Batpod. Complete with flame thrower…

8 years ago

Batman’s Batpod Is Real!

Any fan of the latest series of Batman movies will recognize the two-wheeler above. Straight from The Dark Knight Rises comes…

8 years ago

Look Like a Hero While You Ride

Do you geek out whenever you hear about the latest Batman or Wolverine movie coming to your local multiplex? You’re…

11 years ago

Batman: The Dark Knight Motorcycle Gear for the Everyman

Love Batman?  I mean, REALLY love batman?  Love Batman enough that you dress up like him even when it's not…

12 years ago

Batman’s Original Batcycle

Oh, that Batman and his toys, those marvelous toys. Millionaire Bruce Wayne’s alter ego has always had a penchant for…

13 years ago Weekly Community Round-up!

Here are a few things going on around the Forum Network: What the heck is this? HomerSaurus of the…

13 years ago