Marty Smith: 1956-2020

AMA Hall of Famer and the first ever AMA 125cc National Motocross Champion Marty Smith and his wife, Nancy, have…

3 months ago

Hayley Bell Named American Motorcyclist Association 2019 Motorcyclist Of The Year

U.K. rider founded Women Riders World Relay, helped unite motorcyclists worldwide

8 months ago

AMA Highlights May as Motorcycle Awareness Month

If there's going to be a Motorcycle Awareness Month, *insert Justin Timberlake voice* it's gonna be May!

1 year ago

AMA announces 2019 Beta AMA National Dual Sport Series schedule

Check out the 2019 Beta AMA National Dual Sport Series schedule to see if any of the 16 events land…

2 years ago

Travis Pastrana named AMA 2018 Motorcyclist of the Year

We're happy to see Pastrana named as the AMA's 2018 Motorcyclist of the Year. Begin Press Release:  Travis Pastrana named…

2 years ago

U.S. Senate Passes Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling Resolution By Unanimous Consent

Slowly but surely, motorcyclists are getting traction against being profiled

2 years ago

American Motorcyclist Association Announces 2019 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

Honda to be the featured marque at the 2019 AMA Vintage Motorcycle days

2 years ago

Are You Damaging Your Motorcycle With E15 Fuel?

Keep an eye out for E15 fuel while filling up your motorcycle/ATV. 

2 years ago

Urge Congress To Support Bonneville Salt Flats Restoration

If you value the Bonneville Salt Flats, then reach out to your congressional representative and make them aware the salt…

2 years ago