U.S. Senate Passes Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling Resolution By Unanimous Consent

Slowly but surely, motorcyclists are getting traction against being profiled

4 years ago

Urge Congress To Support Bonneville Salt Flats Restoration

If you value the Bonneville Salt Flats, then reach out to your congressional representative and make them aware the salt…

4 years ago

Supreme Court Sides With Motorcyclists’ Rights In Virginia Search Case

The AMA defended motorcyclist's rights against being subject to unreasonable search and seizure. The Supreme Court agreed

4 years ago

Federal Legislation Would Require Proper Labeling Of E15 Fuel And Consumer Education Campaign

Proper labeling of E15 fuel is important, as modern motorcycles were not designed to operate on such fuels

4 years ago

This Just In From The AMA: Anti-Motorcyclist Profiling Bill Granted Reconsideration

Contact your representative and ask them to take action to prohibit law enforcement from profiling motorcyclists because of their clothing.

4 years ago

Bill To Stop Motorcyclist Profiling Heads To Assembly

Anti-motorcyclist profiling bill would make it illegal for police to stop and question because of motorcycle clothing.

4 years ago

Florida Reclassifies Driving Requirements For Three Wheelers

Florida is 43rd state to modify license requirements for three wheelers

4 years ago

American Motorcyclist Association Files Amicus Brief With Supreme Court Protecting 4th Amendment Rights

We thank the American Motorcyclist Association for filing a brief with the Supreme Court on behalf of all motorcyclists to assure…

5 years ago