iXS Tour LT Glove Heat-ST

It’s still heated glove season in much of North America and the iXS Tour LT Glove Heat-ST is ready to keep those phalanges warm and dextrous. 

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Sophisticated technology for a warm handshake

Brave the cold!

Cold hands when riding a motorbike are not only unpleasant, but also take the fun out of riding and stiffen up your fingers. In extreme cases this can also affect traffic safety because the brakes and clutches are simply easier and safer to use with warm fingers.

The Tour LT Glove Heat-ST from iXS that is operated by a battery (included in the scope of delivery) offers unsurpassed comfort when worn on cold days. The heating performance was optimised in such a way that simultaneous warming-up of knuckles and the back of the fingers up to the fingertips is ensured, without any thermal bridges or hot spots. The heating elements made of high quality metal fibres are supplied by the light, rechargeable, powerful lithium-ion batteries. As the slim battery and the controller are attached directly on the glove, there is no need for a connection to the motorbike with annoying cables. The result is a heated glove that has been perfected in all aspects with excellent comfort and high operating safety.

The modern 7 Volt heating technology combined with an intelligent material structure ensures that the heat that is generated goes in the direction of the body and does not escape outside the glove. The heat level of the glove can be adjusted to four different temperatures. It is regulated via a button, which can also be operated easily with the glove. The relevant heating level can be read from a multi-coloured LED display. Depending on the temperature range selected, the heat output can be downloaded over a period from 2.2 to 8 hours. Additional Thinsulate™ insulation (back of the hand: 300 g / inner hand 100 g) provides extra heat when the temperatures are likely to fall even further. The 100% waterproof and breathable solto-TEX® membrane and a hand surface reinforced with goatskin ensures optimal grip control, even during very poor weather.

Thanks to the selection of high-quality materials combined with clean processing, the latest safety requirements are easily satisfied (test standard EN13594:2015). Knuckle padding made of Poron XRD® foam with a leather cover protects the knuckles and the inner hand consists of leather with leather reinforcements. The reflective piping on the fingers and cuffs ensure that you are easily visible on the roads. Extra soft inner lining and a visor wiper on the left index finger provide a high level of comfort and a safe riding experience even in bad weather. And thanks to touchscreen-compatible material at the tip of the index finger, sat-navs or mobile phones can be operated without taking off your gloves.