Road Warrior Foundation

The Road Warrior Foundation with the support of Can-Am On-Road managed a successful Road Warrior Ride for the Fall of 2021. The event’s raffle also raised $44,000 that will go toward veteran programs. 

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Can-Am On-Road Continues Support of Military Veterans With an “Adventure Therapy” Ride of a Lifetime

Valcourt, Quebec, Nov. 5, 2021 — This Veterans DayCan-Am On-Road and the Road Warrior Foundation (RWF) are giving a group of veterans an adventure therapy experience of a lifetime during the RWF’s annual Road Warrior Ride. The event, which kicks off at the 2021 Fall Spyder, Bike and Trike Fest on November 6, provides veterans with the opportunity to really feel the healing power that comes from escaping the ordinary and riding the open road on board Can-Am Spyder 3-Wheel Vehicles. With dozens of participants, the diverse group includes veterans from different backgrounds and hometowns across the country, active-duty soldiers, as well as numerous supporters and team members from Can-Am On-Road and RWF.

Can-Am On-Road’s support of the RWF’s Road Warrior Ride is just one example of how the company, its owner community and network of dealers, continues to give back to military veterans with what they call “adventure therapy.”

During the first day of the Road Warrior Ride, which runs through November 12, the entire group will get to know each other while they receive their gear and vehicles. First-time riders who have recently completed the Can-Am Rider Education Program will also have the opportunity to participate in a group ride training before embarking on their journey.

“One of the unique things about the Can-Am On-Road vehicle lineup is the ability to truly open the road to everyone,” said Craig Anders, Co-Founder of the Road Warrior Foundation. “That’s critical for our focus on Adventure Therapy, and it’s something no other manufacturer can offer in terms of offering a true open-road riding experience for people of all skill levels.”

After the group ride training and being honored at the event, the group will depart Deland on Sunday, Nov. 7. From there, they’ll enjoy some of the country’s most scenic roads on their way to Virginia, where they’ll cap off the event skydiving in Suffolk, Va.

Ride Schedule

  • Friday, Nov. 5                   Arrival in Deland, Fla.
  • Saturday, Nov. 6              Fall Spyder, Bike & Trike Fest | Training Day
  • Sunday, Nov. 7                 Deland, Fla. to Apalachicola, Fla.
  • Monday, Nov. 8               Apalachicola, Fla. to Columbus, Ga.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 9               Columbus, Ga. to Marietta, Ga. (Via the Talladega National Forest)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 10       Marietta, Ga. to Asheville, NC (Via the Chattahoochee & Nantahala National Forest, featuring the Tail of the Dragon)
  • Thursday, Nov. 11           Asheville, NC to Roanoke, Va. (Veterans Day, Featuring the Blue Ridge Parkway)
  • Friday, Nov. 12                Roanoke, Va. to Suffolk, Va.
  • Saturday, Nov. 13           Jump 4 Valor Skydive Boogie at Skydive Suffolk
  • Sunday, Nov. 14              Departure

“The annual Road Warrior Ride is a life-changing experience packed with fun, camaraderie, and escape from the challenges of everyday life,” said Jason Baxley, wounded veteran, 2015 Annual Ride participant, and RWF Board Member. “The healing power of hitting the open road with other like-minded individuals is incredibly powerful. So much so that I joined RWF shortly after my ride so I could be part of the mission to provide Adventure Therapy to others in need.”

This year marks the seventh year that Can-Am On-Road has been the title sponsor of the Road Warrior Foundation. Over that span, the two organizations have given hundreds of military veterans a taste of Adventure Therapy, and introduced many new riders to the joy of hitting the open road. To enable that, Can-Am provides a fleet of vehicles to RWF to use for rides throughout the year, and also donates a vehicle every year for RWF to use for fundraising, generally via raffle or auction.

To join in any part of this year’s ride and support the veterans, go to A complete ride schedule is available there, and there will be a live ride tracker provided by Garmin for the duration. Riders of any motorcycles are welcome to join the group.