Hey, marketing professionals need love too. Dennis already loosed a fair bit of conjecture September 1 when Triumph lifted the first veil on what looks like a heavily redesigned new Tiger 1200. The new bike somehow looks much lighter than the outgoing one. The biggest change appears to be to the rear end, which uses some kind of parallelogram rear suspension system to go with the shaft drive and lay-down, apparently linkageless rear shock. Overall, Triumph’s new 2022 Tiger 1200 looks way less like a touring rig and much more like a serious beast indeed.


Triumph Press Release:


Pure purpose in design.

Stunning from every angle, the new Tiger 1200 official test prototype gives more than a hint of the incredible new poise and presence of the next generation of Triumph’s flagship adventure machine.

Incorporating all of the new Tiger design language, showcased in the Tiger 900 family, launched to international acclaim in 2019, the new Tiger 1200 prototype demonstrates the new generation’s distinctive and purposeful look.

Developed by our off-road specialists with unstoppable road and off-road performance at the heart of its design, every facet of the new Tiger has been designed with purpose and intent to deliver the most capable large capacity adventure motorcycle available.

From its all-new and imposing upright poise, its striking and lightweight front end, to its incredible ground clearance, every element combines to deliver the ultimate adventure ride.