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October 6, 2021
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Resonar Helmet Does for Your Ears what Binoculars Do for Your Eyes

It’s true. Even with all the advances we’ve made in helmets since the first pudding bowl, all real helmets cover your ears and deprive you of your sense of sound. Resonar has decided that’s a bad thing, and is fixing to make things right with its binaural acoustic technology-8D helmet.

Resonar Press Release:

To a motorcyclist, the new RESONAR™ bat-8D™ (binaural acoustic technology-8D™) system allows helmeted riders to determine the direction of a rear-approaching diesel truck, race competitor, or other vehicles which might be in their blind or “deaf spot.” “Directional hearing” may be a new term to most, but it is essential to hunters, soldiers, and anyone needing to know the origin of approaching sounds.

The scientific term “binaural hearing” defines the micro-second difference from one human ear detecting the sound to the opposite ear-catching the same sound. This “time difference” is calculated by the brain informing the person of the direction of the source. This incredible “directional hearing” ability in animals helps them avoid danger, hear approaching predators, or seek a food source.  

Helmeted riders of the past “didn’t know what they didn’t know” before modern helmets evolved from pith-helmet pudding bowls into the modern starship-designed energy management devices which they are today. Innovations like ventilation, communications, dual-density EPS liners, rotational acceleration suppression technologies, fog-free, and solar-darkening face shields, and moisture-absorbing liners vastly improve comfort and protection, yet the rider’s ears remain covered.

Felipe Morales, RESONAR inventor of the bat-8D systems for helmets, commented, “Now a sound-directionally sensitive helmet technology is available which fills in a rider’s “deaf spots”…where his forward-facing eyes cannot see. We are doing for your ears what binoculars do for your eyes, so we will soon be race-testing the bat-8D technology to prove an advantage with enhanced directional hearing… like a bat using echolocation to find its prey in a 360-degree sphere of coordinates.”

The bat-8D technology provides the helmeted wearer an acoustically enhanced sensory experience as if they were wearing headphones and hearing in multiple dimensions.
The RESONAR owned technology can provide safety advantages and possible racing advantages to be soon proven, especially knowing it also works with the most protective attenuation earplugs in place.
Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you were about to be passed by a race competitor…on your left or right side just before it happens?

The RESONAR Team and its associated bat-8D (Binaural Acoustic Technology) helmet systems are dedicated to improved directional hearing for helmeted users of all kinds, including motorcycle riders, racers, military personnel, aviation pilots, and construction workers employed in noisy environments where better auditory proprioception and directionality will improve the safety of the users. The globally patented acoustic designs operate without electronic sources or batteries.

The technology was first made public at a scientific conference on road safety in Australia in March 2021. After that, the inventor Felipe Morales was invited to participate in the XIV World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. He made his presentation, “DIRECTIONAL HEARING AWARENESS, A NEW WAY TO PREVENT ACCIDENTS FOR HELMET USERS.

The terms RESONAR and bat-8D are international trademarks owned exclusively by the RESONAR parent company, EFEM Acoustics. More information and videos are available at