That’s because proprietor Andy Goldfine feels like if you do it right the first time, especially if it is a fairly simple thing like an over-the-shoulder bag, you shouldn’t need to constantly hype improving it. I think I’ve had my basic black Aerostich Messenger Bag (did it used to be called Courier bag?) well over 20 years, and it’s still good as new.

Aerostich Press Release:

Why Not “new and improved”…?? Because they remain the best all-purpose messenger bags money can buy: The most durable. The most versatile. And the easiest way to protect and carry just about anything on your motorcycle, scooter or bicycle.They remain the best for four reasons: First, they are expertly made  in America by skillful, perfectionist sewing professionals. Second, their commercial/industrial core design is more than 100 years old and the ‘modernized’ Aerostich versions have been closely made to this design for over 32 years. Third, they combine modern materials and innovations — when introduced they were the world’s first to feature tough Cordura Nylon and waxed cotton canvas exteriors, the oversize 3M Scotchlite™ reflective area on outside of the flap, a huge Velcro hook and loop area for an extra-secure (and faster) flap closure, Delrin adjustable side-release flap buckles, a comfortable and oversized removable closed-cell foam Ultrasuede shoulder pad and full bright yellow reinforced PVC waterproof liners. Plus, mil-spec Nylon webbing shoulder straps with a secure one-hand-useable length adjuster and a generous inside pocket (or two, depending on size). All bags also feature the unique webbing loop grab handle set at the top edge of the lid, plus a useful key clip carabiner inside. And Fourth, because they are intentionally stitched together to ensure they’ll outlast other messenger bags.

These messenger bags are available factory-direct in 4 sizes, 2 materials (Cordura Nylon or tough but supple 10.5 oz. Waxed Cotton) and 11 colors.  And they are super versatile compared to more complicated shoulder bags. Many optional accessories, like a Stabilizer Strap, Quick-Release Buckle, First Responder Pocket, Internal Organizer Pocket and Strap-on Camera mount add to their versatility. These are also a perfect bag for real world adventures.

Whether you are boarding an aircraft or throwing a leg over a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle, these bags are the best. Choose a size to suit your needs: Letter Bag (9”x3.75”x9”/12”), Dispatch Bag (12”x7”x12”/18”), Courier Bag (12”x7”x18”/23”) or Parcel Bag (14”x9”x18”/26”).  The Courier and Dispatch sizes are the most popular.  Cordura versions are available in Red, black, grey, hi-viz lime yellow, or blue (with the 3 smaller sizes also available in limited edition pink). Waxed Cotton Bags are available in black, brown, green or orange. More information, product photos and reviews, as well as thousands of other products for riding, can be found at


• Simple, versatile design compared to more complicated bags.

•Durable for long use.

•Available in 4 sizes and 11 color options.

•Made in America.

•Adjustable strap with comfortable cushioned shoulder pad.

•Optional accessories for customized usefulness.

•Perfect for everyday travel.


To receive a catalog, call 800 222 1994 or email <[email protected]>.

For further information, call 800 222 1994, FAX: 218 720 3610