We’re big fans of Chris Birch’s skills and his coaching style. The Say No To Slow series now includes adventure bike and dirt bike specific training videos. 

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Chris Birch Releases Say No To Slow Dirt Bike Instructional Video Series

Say No To Slow

Following on from the success of Chris Birch’s Say No To Slow Adventure Bike series, comes the much anticipated Say No To Slow Dirt Bike series, an 18 episode instructional video series for dirt bike riding.

“We had such an amazing response we launched the Say No To Slow Adventure Bike video series, reaching customers in over 80 countries and receiving so much positive feedback around how much riders have learnt and how they were able to improve their riding. We also received many requests for the dirt bike version, and we are pleased to have created this series of instructional videos for the dirt bike guys. I’ve been able to draw my experience of over 30 years of riding bikes and over 10 years of coaching 5000+ riders. In this instructional series, I take dirt bike riders through core skills like correct standing position and off-road bike set up, all the way through to jumping logs and hard enduro techniques.”

Say No To Slow

The online video series outlines 18 episodes which are set in a way that allows you to see in detail the techniques broken down visually as well as described verbally. You will not only be told what to do but why, when, and how. You are able to purchase and download the series, so you can watch them offline as you wish.

Many of the techniques covered in the episodes also have practice exercises/drills included in them so you can easily identify what to go out and practice straight away. With multiple camera angles, slow motion footage and long form explanations the techniques and instruction are easy to understand.

Say No To Slow

Chris Birch is one of the world’s most sought-after off-road motorcycle coaches and has been coaching since 2007. He’s a lifelong motorcycle rider who has been riding for over 35 years, has won multiple enduro championships, extreme enduro races, and competed and coached in over 40 countries.

Chris’s teaching style is relaxed, detailed, and extremely relatable. He focuses on why techniques work rather than simply telling people what to do. He combines his passion and a high level of knowledge gained over that time with his background as a mechanical engineer, to deliver easy to understand, down to earth lessons for off road riders.

“We have been working on this series since end of 2020 and we are excited to bring such great content and highly detailed information to our customers. We learnt a lot through the process of the adventure bike series and we are stoked to be able to have added in more detail into the content, especially building in more practice exercises for the viewers. We have had a lot of requests for this series, and I believe that everyone who watches it can get so much out of it.’

You can find the Say No To Slow series here