London-based helmet manufacturer, Ruroc has teamed up with DC to bring a couple of new graphics portraying the Dark Knight and his nemesis. 

Begin Press Release: 


On August 20th 00:01 London time, Ruroc meets Batman & Joker in one of the most exciting collabarations the industry has seen. Ruroc are known for their crazy detailed designs & we’re about to see them take it to a whole new level.


ruroc joker

There’s a change coming. It starts right here, and right now. Meet your new worst friend HA HA! The Joker ATLAS 3.0 available August 20. Be Ready.


ruroc batman

There’s a power that sits within the shadow. Always watching. Always waiting. It’s duty is to defend the innocent. And protect the weak. Batman ATLAS 3.0 available August 20. Be ready.


Learn more about the Ruroc Atlas 3.0 here