For just $50 you can have access to the same lessons students get in person at YCRS.

Begin press release:

Yamaha Champions Riding School is proud to announce ChampU. ChampU is the culmination of a 1.5-year-long project and features over 40 videos with 30+ drills and 40 quizzes to bring you the core of our world-class 2-Day ChampSchool curriculum, accessible from anywhere in the world at a price, anyone can afford.

We started Yamaha Champions Riding School in 2008 to teach riders the skills, mindsets, and techniques of the best riders in the world. We call these “Champions Habits” and we have designed a curriculum around them that is scalable to any level of riding experience or riding goals. Over the last thirteen years, we have enjoyed incredible success and have taught tens of thousands of riders.

Yamaha Champions Riding School is not cheap. Hiring world-class instructors, maintaining a fleet of world-class motorcycles, renting world-class facilities, and moving all of this around the country is expensive. The high cost of tuition combined with geographic limitations served as a major obstacle for reaching many riders around the world.

ChampU is designed to remove these objections for new riders or experienced riders.

ChampU is an inexpensive video-based curriculum available to anybody with an internet connection. The core curriculum consists of over 6+ hours of instructions to equip you with the knowledge you need to be the confident, safest rider possible.

On Bike and Online. ChampSchool and ChampU. World-class rider education for every rider regardless of location, experience, or budget.

Watch the video below to learn more, then visit to sign up for the full course offering.