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June 11, 2021
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World’s Longest No-Hands Motorcycle Wheelie!

The record stood at 89 meters for 17 years until Rohitesh Upadhyay, a freestyle rider from Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, managed six times that –567 meters, or 0.352 mile. We don’t even understand how that works (remote throttle?), and the Guinness World Record video isn’t much help since Rohitesh’s feat only gets from 0:15 to 0:27 in its 9:38 length. But that turns out to not be an entirely bad thing, as the vid also includes a woman who breaks the World’s fastest time to drink a Capri Sun, most giant Jenga blocks stacked on top of one giant Jenga block, farthest marshmallow propelled and caught in the mouth (68.34 meters), and that’s all before the 3-minute mark.

But seriously, the no-handed wheelie reflects some serious moto skills and real athleticism. Congratulations to Mr. Upadhyay!

Guinness Word Records Press Release:

Amongst all the dishearting news about the pandemic, especially from the peninsula comes a  positive one eventually. Rohitesh Upadhyay, a young Sportbike Freestyle Rider from a humble city  Udaipur, Rajasthan in India has been registered in the Guinness World Book of records against the  title of Longest No Hands Motorcycle Wheelie. This amazing feat was attempted way back in the end  of 2019 but the acceptance of the record came in just 2 weeks ago. 

The trick attempted by him is considered one of the most difficult tricks amongst different types of  wheelies. Though the name is somewhat self-explanatory, the rider had to lift the front wheel of a  motorcycle and had to even let go both his hands at the same time. He had to maintain the same  posture from a starting line to as much distance possible. What is astounding is that this record  stood at 89 meters earlier until Rohitesh managed to achieve 567 meters which is almost 6 times the  original distance!  

One can try to understand how tough this gig was by the fact that it stood unbroken for 17 years  until Rohitesh managed to do it! This not only makes it one of a kind feat but potentially the only  Indian in this field to today have a Guinness World Record to his name.  

Check out his entry in the Guinness world book of records here. 

Rohitesh is already pretty much decorated with 2 world records and a national record to his name  too. He has a career spanning over a decade behind him and of course these merits speak volumes  about him. Getting candid with him gave us as opportunity to ask about what he had to say about  this feat to which he replied, “I am glad that I could raise the name of India and my city Udaipur to  

the levels with my record. It took me years to practice the record and then break the same.” He also  said, “I wish people recognize this as a serious skill and something more than entertainment. Also, I  hope I can say to the youth of today to keep this activity off the streets as it is not only illegal but  absolutely dangerous for both the rider and the road users.”  

Rohitesh was in the news last year for the same title which was endorsed by International book of  records (IBR) and Golden Book of Records (GWR). Having a Guinness World Book of Record adds the  biggest feather to his cap. It’s so amazing to see how he coming from a humble background has  raised the Indian flag up high in the world today. Shouldn’t we support and applaud his vision and  talent?  

We say more power to him!