Well, most people didn’t wind up in “motojournalism” because they were geniuses or paragons of virtue or anything. More like failing upward, in my own case at least. Or is that downward? The whole profession reminds me of Mark Twain speaking about Congress: “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.” Say, I wonder if I’m in the book? I have a good Peter Jones tale or two if needed.

The Bad Editor press release:

Motojournalist Peter Jones tells all in The Bad Editor, Collected Columns and Untold Tales of Bad Behavior. 

This 250-page book reveals the story of a motojournalist’s life in the USA motorcycle industry, told through 30 collected columns and 19 new tales of revealing bad behavior.

 The 30 Collected Columns in this volume first appeared, in slightly different forms, in SportRider magazine, American Roadracing magazine, Motorcycle Street & Strip, Speed.com, and Motorcyclist. The 19 Untold Tales of Bad Behavior are original to this book, written to be revealing irreverent entertainment for motorcycle enthusiasts. No names are mentioned, brands identified, or world problems solved. These Untold Tales are written as fun inside stories of bad behavior by the author, his cohorts, his enemies, and, yes, some corporations.

This is the first published collection of moto-writings by Peter Jones, a familiar voice to many motorcycle enthusiasts due to his 20-plus years of motorcycle reviews, columns and lifestyle editorials in numerous periodicals. Jones is known for being a dubious writer of poor judgment who can be entertaining.

The Bad Editor is available now from Amazon in print ($18.55), or Kindle eBook ($7.99). Sample chapters and news of book signings can be found at www.thebadeditor.com.

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