Triumph’s all-new emergency contact device is a subscription-based service that works via your cell phone, which is both its greatest convenience and its biggest drawback. You already own the hardware, be it iPhone or Android, so all you need to do is download the app for $4.99 a month. But for SOS to work, you need to be within cell range. Which for most of our rides out in the sticks… isn’t going to be much help. BUT, they’re putting up more cell towers and satellites every day, so why not get in on the ground floor? If you own a Triumph, you even get three months for free – that’s a $14.97 value.

The system was years in the researching we’re told, and was finally approved by the UK government, which does not want its first responders getting constant false alarms. If you have a crash or drop your phone, you’ll have multiple opportunities to cancel the alert (if your phone issues one). The SOS will only happen if it detects a crash, followed by no movement and no response from the rider.

Maybe not ideal for adventure rides out in the Mojave, but definitely not a bad way to spend $5 a month if you ride a lot in urban areas, especially after dark.

Triumph Press Release:



Introducing Triumph SOS, an all new accredited advanced accident detection and emergency alerting system from Triumph that automatically connects you to the nearest emergency services in your time of need.

Launching today in the US and Canada, as well as across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, this comprehensive new service is available to all riders regardless of the bike they own, and with a 3-month free trial for all Triumph owners.

A new essential part of a rider’s safety equipment, Triumph SOS mobile app while not physically connected to the motorcycle, has been specifically tailored for motorcyclists, and monitors key sensors in your smartphone to detect and validate an accident.

Where seconds can save lives, this Google-Cloud hosted emergency alerting platform will automatically deliver the rider’s time-critical and potentially life-saving details directly to the emergency services within seconds of the accident being detected, following a unique validation process.

Precise GPS location, direction of travel, bike details, and medical information allow emergency responders to reach you quickly and provide assistance accordingly.

Advanced features include sophisticated Auto-pause technology to prevent accidental triggering so you can fully focus on your ride.

A fully integrated system that protects you while riding in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Triumph SOS is available for a rolling monthly subscription charge of USD $4.99 / CAD $5.99, with no cancelation fees or long-term contract commitment. Triumph SOS does not record or send any speed or telematics data to the emergency services.

Riders can download the Triumph SOS app now from iOS and Android App stores.