Got an old bike built for the drag strip? Now’s your chance to bring it out.

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The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) in association with Luke’s Racecraft confirmed it will host the 1st Inaugural Classic Drags at the AHRMA Classic MotoFest.

The event will take place Saturday, May 29th at the world-class NHRA sanctioned quarter-mile drag strip at Heartland Motorsports Park, Topeka KS, and will feature five classes of vintage and next-generation superbike drag racing under the lights in single-elimination, king-of-the-hill format. Single elimination grudge matches will also be offered to competitors. Look for 3-wheel sidecar rigs as well as modern electric bikes in the mix as well as exhibitions of exotic multi-engined and semi-pro team rigs. The intense head-to-head competition will get underway at 6:30PM and run until all class champions are crowned.

Competition classes include Vintage Flyweight 0-250cc, Vintage Lightweight 251-500cc, Vintage Middleweight 501-750cc, Vintage Superbikes up to 1982, and Next Generation Superbikes from 1983-1992.

For details on the event including schedules and specific machine technical requirements, see

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