A street-legal trials tire? The Dunlop K950 sounds like an interesting proposition. 

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Dunlop introduces the street-legal K950 trials tire

Rancho Cucamonga, CA: Dunlop Motorcycle Tires has expanded its off-road tire line to include the new DOT-approved K950 trials tire.

Trials tires are popular among off-road riders who also enjoy a dose of pavement on their rides, and for that the street-legal K950 is ideal. The K950 delivers the kind of performance trials riders and off-road enthusiasts are looking for, with additional durability and on-road capability.

The K950 features bias-ply construction, and compounds and tread pattern designed to tackle tough single-track terrain and challenging conditions. In both wet and dry conditions, the K950 excels when the course or trail turns hard-packed, rocky, or littered with tree roots.

For dual-sport riding, the K950 provides a smoother ride and longer wear than a traditional knobby tire on the street, while providing a high level of grip and bump-absorbing compliance in the dirt.

Available from your local Dunlop retailer, the Dunlop K950 comes in a 4.00-18 size and joins the premium-performance D803GP™, Dunlop’s competition trials tire.