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March 11, 2021
| On 2 months ago

The Dehavn Design Collective Joins Leather Up/Hot Leathers/Milwaukee Leathers

We look forward to seeing how DEHAVN grows the well-known brands they are now associated with.

Begin Press Release:

Aaron and Natalie of The DEHAVN (a design collective) have joined the team at Leather Up / Hot Leathers / and Milwaukee Leathers to review and manage the future vision of these great brands. The Dehavn has managed product branding in the moto industry, designed many of today’s best-selling items, and produced items forother large brands. As avid motorcyclists, you will find these two at every major rally, organizing events, talking withcustomers, and inviting the public to film real world reviews for all products under the Shaf umbrella.

“We want to help bring these brands to a new market.” The next group of motorcyclists need to knowwhere to get proper items. We are well versed in the leather and motorcycle garment industry. With ourfinger on the pulse of today’s industry we will help refine and redefine classic items, at the same time showthe public what is possible in modern riding gear.

We are here to tell these brands’ stories by showing the moto lifestyle through photo and video whileenhancing their social media. At the same time will be showcasing

Shaf dealers and publishing articles for today’s motorcyclists across the country. Our fellow riders are invitedto test and travel in Shaf products, you can reach out to us at @thedehavn to join the team.

A bit about Natalie and Aaron:

My name is Aaron Hartless. Growing up I was influenced by my cousins and the older kids in my neighborhood. They all surfed, skated, and rode BMX so naturally I followed suit. At 15 I started working at my local surf /skate shop. Meeting the brand reps for the clothing and shoe companies solidified what I wanted to do in my adult life. After 15 years in surf and skate I switched over to moto brands and found my niche in branding and apparel design. After relaunching a 30 year old moto jacket company I set my sights on making the items I wanted to produce. I was approached by a factory that noticed my work in the industry and The DEHAVN was born. Influenced by timeless patterns, tweaked for modern riders, and perfected for everyday wear, The DEHAVN items are truly the items you can’t live without.

I had no business making jackets and gear for women (why would any female buy my design) so I was looking for the right person to bring into this brand. Then it happened, about 3 months after my first meeting with the factory I met Natalie Kleiner on the VTV Tour. We had the same mindset for a new brand. It just clicked. Fast forward to today and we are making it happen.

My name is Natalie Kleiner. I have been passionate about clothing and fashion ever since I was a little kid. I’ve worked in women’s fashion for years and developed motocross apparel for Troy Lee Designs. I like putting down a few miles and I have personally experienced the missing links within the ladies riding assortment. It’s important to have high quality, elevated riding apparel that is not only highly functional but also flattering for a woman, and I wanted to create a line that covers all of the bases.

It was a little over a year ago that Aaron and I were introduced at the V-Twin Visionary Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Tour, where we realized that we had the same goal. He wanted to offer his vision for men’s riding apparel, and if we combined our skills and backgrounds, we could offer a pivotal moto apparel line. It has been a lifelong dream now coming true – together, we are, The Dehavn.