Dakar Day 9: SS8: 13 Miles to the Finish

“Crazy last couple of days. Marathon day started well, and we were cruising at a good pace all day. Around 60 kms from the finish we came around a corner and were first responders to a really ugly accident involving a moto rider & T1 car. Gustavo Gugelmin and I jumped out to help the fallen rider who was not in good shape at all. We grabbed our fire extinguisher to put out the fire his bike was engulfed in. After doing all we could, helping him onto the stretcher and into the medical helicopter, we got back in the car pretty shook up just wanting to finish the day. Rider #94, I hope you’re doing okay and get better soon bud… [Altogether] today’s stage was better. We had a clean run all day and ended up taking over the lead in the overall rankings. Now, time to make a plan on how to close this thing out. Four more days of racing to go, time to focus.” Austin Jones #408, MONSTER ENERGY CAN-AM