Funny how I was able to spend all these years mostly not even aware of the most mass-produced motorcycle on the planet – Honda’s Super Cub and its offshoots over the last six decades. But now that Honda’s importing CTs to the US again, and we had the chance to “test” one a few weeks ago, I’m freshly cognizant of just how ubiquitous the most mass-produced vehicle on earth really is.

Bosozoku Bike Siam popped up on Facebook the other day. Siam is what Thailand was formerly known as, and the area of Central Thailand is still known as Siam. Bosozoku, of course, started out as kind of Hells Angels of Japan cosplayers. I wrote Bosozoku Bike Siam for more info, but no response so far. So we’ve basically got a pictorial. I had to share.

This red, white and blue CT125 must be the Freddie Spencer Race Replica. Beet Racing is a huge aftermarket Japanese supplier, and you can see the big Keihin CR carburetor, dry clutch and big oil cooler. The chassis is up for action, too, with what looks like an inverted fork, a big radial-mounted Frando caliper, and sweet Ohlins shocks at the rear.


Meanwhile, in the custom chopper category, this guy seems to have just won Best in Show. Doesn’t appear to be much CT left here aside from the engine, but it all hangs together nicely. Imagine showing up at Sturgis on this baby.


Again with the massive, bird-swallowing carburetor. This time with dual exhaust and what looks like a Spondon swingarm and fat rear wheel from a far larger and more powerful donor vehicle. Loud horns seem to be part of the equation too, which always adds to the fun.


For the more mature bosozoku, something in a sport-tourer. Looks pretty comfy, with the dual-rate springs on those shocks and the fat seat.


Bad-ass with sparkly purple metallic flames.

Nice if your night vision is weak.


I think that’s a Yamaha Morphous dragracer with hydraulics, but I could be wrong. The other thing is a car. Siam doesn’t look like a bad place to be.