Bagging a number 1 plate at any age is something. Doing it at age 81 is remarkable. 

Note: the photo above is of Tony Serra and Ed Sorbo at Streets of Willow in 2013 after Serra earned his first expert class championship.

Begin press release:

81-year-old Tony Serra clinched his sixth club level class championship at Willow Springs on November 26th, concluding a racing career that spanned seven decades.

Part one of Serra’s career started in 1964 with the Association of American Motorcycle Road Racers and concluded in 1970. A highlight for Serra was racing in the Junior Class of the 1968 Canadian GP at Mosport.

Part two of Serra’s career began in 2008 at the age of 68 when he rented a 250 Ninja from Race Bike Rentals for track days and Willow Springs Motorcycle Club races.  Serra purchased that motorcycle and hired Lindemann Engineering’s Ed Sorbo as his Crew Chief & Coach.
Serra is heavier than the kids he raced against and wanted more power for his 250 Ninja. Because adding a turbo to a 250 Ninja is impractical Sorbo offered his 1990 TZ 250.  Serra used it to earn his first club level championship.  In the 2010 WSMC Novice 250 GP Class,
thus, becoming the world’s oldest motorcycle club level class champion at 71.  In 2011 Serra earned both the Novice 250 GP and Novice Ninja Cup Championships with WSMC. By 2013 Serra was an expert and clinched the Moto West GP Lindemann Engineering 250 Ninja Cup Championship.

In 2019 Serra earned the WERA West F Super Sport Expert Championship and in 2020 he concluded his second career by again earning the WERA West F Super Sport Expert Championship.

Of note:  Serra’s best TZ lap at Willow Springs is 1.44 and his best 250 Ninja lap is 1.47.  Serra’s racing accomplishments are unlikely to be matched however he wants to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams. The Serra Challenge does not require extraordinary skills. Tony Serra encourages you to do the thing that challenges you regardless of age and if it’s motorcycling, all you have to do to join Tony is go racing anytime between the ages of 68 and 81 years young.