Rottweiler Performance has announced its kit to help open up your 790 or 890 Adventure’s intake system for optimal performance. 

Begin Press Release: 

790 Adventure Performance Intake System is almost here!

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Rottweiler Performance

The Rottweiler Performance 790/890 Intake System is closing in on completion and we are on the final stretches folks. Nearly a year of design and development has gone into this intake system and we could not be more proud of the next-level quality, fit, and finish this intake system exudes. It is a shining example of our commitment to being the best at what we do and our desire to constantly innovate and push the boundaries so that we can deliver better and better products to our customers.

We have been testing the system in its current state of development and it has passed the white glove tests with flying colors, all while increasing airflow over stock by simply designing the system with a massive reusable foam surface area.


  • RALLY VERSION – PRESALE NOW: Real carbon fiber construction. (Think Akrapovic quality fit and finish)
  • PRO VERSION – EXPECTED JAN 2021: Plastic construction for lower costs
  • Drop-in 10+ HP at 6300 RPM safely with no mapping.
  • Further gains with custom mapping. (See 790/890 PCV mapping page)
  • Race tested at professional level Rallies
  • 1.7 lb. (.77kg) weight reduction
  • Included Filter is supplied DRY
  • Packable and replaceable main filter with removable cage just like a dirt bike. Carry 6 or more in your side pods or pack for long trips.
  • Over 20 free maps to support a Power Commander V.

Check out all of our 790/890 Adventure Power Commander Maps here!

NOTE: Customers who purchased our Pro Power Plate will receive an email with a Discount Code. Use this discount code when placing your order online and receive a full $69.95 off your intake purchase.

Rottweiler Performance

Reach significant and safe gains over stock without any mapping. Even more gains when matched with a Power Commander V!

Rottweiler Performance

Stocking up on replacement filters for our 790 Adventure Intake System couldn’t be easier. Easily fit multiple filters in your stock toolbox or in a fender bag. No one wants to carry cleaning solution and oil with them on extended trips, grab a few filters, and limit unnecessary downtime!

Available in DRY or PRE-OILED versions.