New to the market, the Quin Design Quest offers its smart helmet technology in a modular adventure helmet. 

Begin Press Release: 

Quin Design is proud to announce the arrival of its newest SMART helmet to the North American marketplace – the QUEST

quin design quest

(Dallas Design District, Texas – October 27th, 2020) —- Quin Design is proud to announce the arrival of its newest SMART helmet to the North American marketplace. The Quest is the much anticipated Carbon Fiber dual-purpose Adventure/Modular helmet design.

The two-in-one helmet design provides riders full-face protection with the option of open face accessibility. The removable peak visor offers Adventure riders a new and versatile option to traditional adventure helmet designs. The Quest also serves as the perfect helmet for any riding type, from sport to touring with the peak visor removed. With its large, premium K6 Carbon Fiber weave, the Quest is one of the world’s lightest modular designs.

quin design quest

Weighing in at just 3.66 lbs with the visor removed and 3.86 lbs (size M) with the visor on, this is a featherweight in the world of modular helmets. It also features Quin Design’s Aerodynamic Ventilation System (AVS), offering incredibly large upper intakes that pour into deep striations integrated into the EPS liner, achieving incredible vent flow rates for a comfortable ride.

The modular front gives riders the option to lock it in the open position allowing open-air riding without worrying about the modular front dropping down. The Quest also comes with a drop-down, dark smoke internal sun visor, UV coated clear shield, removable peak visor, thumb actuated easy-open front, and integrated chin-bar venting.

quin design quest

The Quest is Quin Design’s latest fully-integrated smart helmet featuring Intelliquin automatic Crash Detection, rider actuated, live tracking SOS Beacon, and a complete Bluetooth communication system with integrated speakers and microphone. The Quest is designed for every occasion. The Quest is the ultimate modular helmet designed for today’s hybrid motorcyclists providing Quin customers the versatility they have been asking for since the brand first launched helmets in 2018.

Ani Surabhi, Quin Design Helmets founder and CEO states: “We are thrilled to deliver what our customers have been asking for since we entered the market in 2018. This new versatile modular helmet offers our customers the added layer of Quin technology, allowing them to ride apart, but never alone on any adventures they choose.”

quin design quest

The Quest is available for Dealer Pre-Order from today – October 27th – until November 15th. This helmet was scheduled for Spring release, but a run of 200 helmets is being made available for this limited fall introduction. Helmets will be shipped to dealers in early to mid-December. Speak to your Quin Design Helmets sales rep or contact [email protected] to reserve helmets for your Dealership now.


  • $699.00
  • DOT, ECE
Modular Specs
  • Chin bar locking system made of high quality stainless steel 
  • Closed chin bar center lock position & open chin bar lock position
  • Open position hard-lock with easy-to-use thumb-lever
  • Large center button chin bar release for easy use with gloves 
  • Built-In internal sun visor for quick protection from sun glare with large and easy to use slide switch
  • Removable, quick-release peak visor
  • Hard-coated anti-scratch shield and drop-down internal sun visor 
  • Micro-ratchet, quick-release chin buckle 
  • Quin Designed Aerodynamic Ventilation System (AVS)
  • Maximizes Airflow, While Reducing Wind Noise Whether Open or Closed.
  • Massive Dual Top Mounted Intakes Feed Large EPS Striations for Incredible Ventilation Flow
  • Chin Intake for Fog reduction and Cooling Facial Airflow
  • Passive Rear Venturi for Silent, High Flow, Vent Air Extraction
  • Removable chin skirt for wind noise protection

+ Bluetooth communication

  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Integrated Bluetooth® Communication System with Invisible Integration 
  • IntelliQuin Integrated Crash Detection
  • IntelliQuin Rider Activated Live Tracking SOS Beacon
  • QUIN Ride companion for iOS and Android
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • Upgradeable Software / Firmware
  • LIB | 8 hours continuous usage | 60 hours standby
  • Shell is constructed from carbon kevlar with polystyrene lining
  • Multi-piece EPS liner with varying densities
  • Luxurious, color-matched, quilt stitch internal padding. Removable – washable cheek pads, and top liner
  • Tri-layer foam design to fit heads better and faster, with minimal break-in time and exceptional fit.


Quin Design is the creator of advanced systems that elevate safety and enhance operational performance for helmet-wearing motorists, athletes, and adventurists. Quin uses proprietary machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, and old-fashioned design-thinking to solve problems and improve lives. We create technology and products for which the utility is as obvious as the beauty. Design is our passion. Innovation is our forte. Safety is our mission. Quin Design is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Visit our website.