The design sketch is by Kiska, the people who brought you the Husqvarna Svart- and Vitpilens. EMotion is actually a joint venture involving KTM, Bajaj and a few other partners, which launched in March of this year. Germany’s Motorrad magazine reports that a host of industrial heavy hitters are involved in the project, the aim of which is “to develop a modular and scalable architecture for electric drive trains and batteries. The focus is on the use of materials that are as light as possible, efficient charging and drive systems and future-proof information systems. With the help of an 8-month field test, the needs of potential customers will also be determined from 2022 and the requirements of electromobility in urban and rural areas will be researched in practice. A first sketch, which was made by Kiska GmbH and can be seen in the lead picture above, should show which direction it could go.”

Lately, KTM seems to be showing the world there isn’t much it can’t do.

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