Tristin Hopper, in the latest installment of “Everything Should Be Better,” has a nice rant up at Canada’s National Post, with what actually seems like a pretty ingenious way to battle the scourge of loud pipes – along with a bonus refutation of the argument that they save lives.

“And let’s be clear: There is no viable reason why a motorcycle ever needs to be piloted without a properly functioning exhaust system. That’s how they’re sold, in fact. Even a Harley Davidson rolls off the assembly line with an exhaust system that meets federal guidelines for noise and emissions, making it no louder than a standard car. In almost all cases, any removal of the baffles or replacement of the muffler is an aftermarket modification. So, that guy waking up your baby just after you spent three hours putting her to sleep? He paid extra to do that to you.”

He’s right you know.