Our friends at Klim took a trip to Turkey last summer to explore as much as possible over a two week period. In addition to doing some crucial product testing, the crew was able to put together a captivating video of the experience. During these times of social distancing and stay at home orders, we know we’re not the only ones jonesing for our next adventure. Destination Turkey not only does a great job of getting us excited to travel but specifically entices us to visit Turkey. The terrain, history, and the rich culture of the country are just begging to be explored. Take 13 minutes out of your day (you’re at home anyway, right?) to get inspired. 

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KLIMLife | Destination Turkey


From the rugged Taurus Mountains, to central deserts and towering cliffs, to northern forests, Turkey is an adventure riding paradise. We took an opportunity to explore the vast country, overcoming challenges that all adventure riders face at some point. Follow along as our small group immerses into the unique terrain rich with history, culture and new experiences.