Everybody sucks up to superheroes, but nobody does anything to give them a break. That’s about to change. Whether your superhero is a medical professional, first responder, grocery worker, educator, stressed parent or whatever – Slingshot wants to hear their story on your preferred social medium and say “thank you.” Four chosen heroes will be rewarded with a free three-month rental of a new 2020 Slingshot, which is actually a pretty sweet superhero vehicle. Now that the roads are empty, a Slingshot is a helluva cool way to get around.

Polaris Press Release


Because Every Superhero Deserves a Superhero Ride

Polaris Slingshot In Search of Stories About Those Going Above & Beyond In Everyday Life; 

Four Heroes will Win a Three-Month Rental of an All-New 2020 Slingshot Roadster

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (APRIL 16, 2020) – In a time of unprecedented events, millions of Americans are going above and beyond; whether it’s a battle through new adversity in daily life or helping someone in need. In an effort to shine a light and celebrate these individuals, Polaris Slingshot is asking its community to share stories about the superheroes in their lives. 

Whether a medical professional, a first responder, grocery worker, an educator learning to teach from a far, a seamstress supporting a local medical facility, a young adult delivering food to the community, or a stay-at-home mom turned school teacher – Slingshot wants to hear these stories and say “thank you.” From now until June 3, Slingshot will be celebrating and acknowledging these local heroes on its social media channels. And to show appreciation, the company is awarding four of the submitted heroes a free three-month rental of an all-new 2020 Slingshot roadster. 

“During these unprecedented times, Americans have had to adapt and stretch to unimaginable lengths,” said Chris Sergeant, Vice President of Polaris Slingshot. “Everyday tasks are more challenging. Jobs are significantly more demanding. These are the individuals we want to show our gratitude for, share their story and, in some cases, reward them with a free three-month Slingshot rental. Because every superhero deserves a superhero ride.”

To submit, anyone can post to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #SlingshotSuperhero. In the post, submitters should explain the hero’s story and how they are battling through adversity, lending support, or committed to their trade during these trying times. Slingshot will highlight a number of submissions throughout the program, while one winning submission will be awarded every two weeks until early June. Consumers can also register online at: https://slingshot.polaris.com/en-us/nominate-a-superhero/. Prize fulfillment will come at a time when the winner can get out and fully enjoy all the fun Slingshot has to offer. 

For more information on Slingshot’s superhero program, visit PolarisSlingshot.com. Follow Slingshot on social media: Facebook.com/PolarisSlingshot, @Slingshot on Twitter and @PolarisSlingshot on Instagram.