What better way to stay socially distant than to work on some of your basic (and some not so basic) adventure bike skills. Chris Birch’s Say No To Slow Vimeo On-Demand series is comprised of 16 episodes covering everything from bike set up to logs and obstacles and power slides. Each video is $5 or the entire 16-part series can be had for $35. 

Begin Press Release: 

Say No to Slow –Adventure Bike/How-To Series

Say No to Slow – ADV Bike Training from Chris Birch – Off Road Coach on Vimeo.

In this instructional series, Chris Birch takes adventure riders through core skills like correct standing position and off-road bike set up, all the way through to jumping logs and high-speed slides. Along the way you will learn techniques to become a safe and efficient rider and learn how to Say No to Slow.

Who’s Chris Birch? A life-long motorcycle addict. He is an eight times New Zealand Enduro overall champion, three-time Roof of Africa winner and has competed successfully in the world’s largest races including Dakar. Teaching bike skills since 2007 his background as a mechanical engineer allows him to break down the physics of riding and describe techniques in detail.

Check out Chris Birch’s Say No To Slow Vimeo Series here