An update from Mr. Subjective himself, “Our webstore is open and we are answering all emails sent to [email protected] We are also shipping orders from stock every week day (and receiving incoming freight). Only our sewing operation and the walk-in retail space are closed.” Aerostich is now offering a 25% discount on gift cards up to $2,000. 

Begin Press Release: 

Aerostich Gift Certificate Offer

The big deal right now is we are running a 25% off price on gift certificates up to $2,000. This represents a much deeper discount than we have ever done for anything (except an occasional discontinued item). EVER. It means if one is patient they can save over $250 on a typical new Aerostich suit. From stock inventory or made-to-order.

When the state of Minnesota recently extended the shelter-at-home order, we decided to extend this offer until Saturday, April 18th. The 25% off discount kills ALL of our profit for Q’s 2 and 3 but it gives us the cash-flow to keep paying vendors, insurers, utilities, lenders and all the other things we must pay to keep the business active. We have not seen anyone else in our product area doing this deep of a discount on anything, but we feel it’s the right thing to do. So if anyone wants to get a new Aerostich R-3 suit, Transit-3, Cousin Jeremy or Darien suit at essentially the cost of the materials and labor only, this is the time to buy one via this one-time gift certificate offer. (We’ll never need to do this again, I hope. – Mr. Subjective)