Thanks to the Coronavirus, this is a *virtual* place for women riders – and future women riders – to gather together.

Begin press release:

Alisa Clickenger and Women’s Motorcycle Tours (WMT) announce the Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online. The team behind WMT has an everlasting desire to bring women riders together. As a result, WMT has created a virtual conference geared toward all those who currently ride or are interested in the motorcycle riding lifestyle. The inaugural event, Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online: Reinvention, is scheduled for April 17 – 18, 2020.

The global motorcyclist community finds itself in unprecedented times. COVID-19 threatens to disrupt plans for future motorcycle gatherings all over the world. Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the fate of all mass gatherings for the foreseeable future, WMT’s mission remains the same: to bring women riders together under the founding principles of unity, community and the freedom of the road. With the creation of the Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online, WMT continues to build a strong and thriving community of women motorcyclists from every corner of the globe, representing all disciplines of riding.

WMT’s goal in establishing the Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online is to adapt to the current stay-at-home environment as well as test the efficacy of virtual conferences as a supplement to their already rich tour offerings.  This virtual conference will produce resources such as riding school directories, a list of mentorship opportunities, DIY projects, female-friendly motorcycle media, apparel guides and more.

Beyond simply distributing information, WMT’s Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online will offer up inspiring stories, valuable insights and the opportunity for female riders to communicate in real time, which is essential for success and growth in any community. The Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online will feature an all-female panel of motorcycle industry leaders delivering powerful messages and essential lessons directly to women riders in the comfort of their own home.

WMT’s Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online is being produced by Alisa Clickenger. “I am humbled that so many female leaders in the powersports industry stepped up right away to join our unprecedented online event,” said Clickenger. “That these busy women are so generous with their time and willing to join with me to inspire and uplift other lady motorcycle riders is exactly why I love what I do and why I keep on doing it. This is what true community is all about.”

Confirmed presenters for WMT’s first event, Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online: Reinvention, include Wendy Crockett, 2019 Iron Butt Rally champion, Tricia Szulewski, editor of,  Dee Jones (Momma D), author of  50 States of Consciousness, Joanne Donn of, Jan Plessner of Action Recruiting, Brittany Morrow of, Porsche Taylor of Black Girls Ride and Shana Slettedahl, Product Specialist at Polaris.

On April 17-18, 2020, these industry powerhouses as well as others will be covering a range of topics focused on reinvention, stretching boundaries and creating a new normal as women, community members, and motorcyclists. WMT’s Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online: Reinvention will include round table discussions, focused workshops, an author’s corner, a meet & greet on Friday night, and online networking time for all registered lady riders to get to know each other.

Registrants of  the Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online will be able to interact with their fellow riders as well as the presenters over a two day period in a way that is comfortable, convenient and community-minded. The schedule is structured, but workshop attendance is flexible, and registrants can choose to join one, several, or all of the workshops offered throughout the weekend for one low price. The concept of Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online is to allow women to take control of their own learning based on their current interests, and interact in a way that is tailored to each individual’s desired level of participation.

Those interested in the latest information on Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online can sign up for WMT’s mailing list at Registration for Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online: Reinvention will be available on Monday, April 6, 2020 at

Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online is open to sponsorships and activation opportunities. Interested organizations and companies can connect with the WMT team at [email protected]com.

“As part of the new normal in the powersports industry, I can definitely see this type of gathering becoming a regular event. Apropos, then, that our first conference’s theme is reinvention,” said Clickenger.

About Women’s Motorcycle Tours:
Women’s Motorcycle Tours (WMT) offers fabulous motorcycle experiences, support, coaching, weekend riding retreats and premium tours throughout the USA and abroad. WMT’s mission is to uplift other riders and show them the magic of the road. Presented by Alisa Clickenger, WMT is a female-owned motorcycle experience company exclusively focused on women. With years of event planning experience and hundreds of thousands of miles behind them, the team at Women’s Motorcycle Tours understands the power and excitement that an epic journey can offer. The camaraderie and friendships that form over the course of their tours have proven to change lives, establish life-long friendships, and bring families together in a way that only riding motorcycles can. #ByWomenForWomen