What, you didn’t like the green LEDs of the previous version? Now you can get pretty white ones, which you can set to blink or stay on solid, thanks to the internal battery. Visibility never hurts.

SHARK Press Release:

While everything feels a little doom and gloom these days, we thought we could help lighting things up by introducing a new SKWAL2 version. Now available in Matte Grey with white LEDs.

The SKWAL2 helmet features four integrated LED lights on the chin and forehead vents, as well as on both sides of the rear spoiler. Developed with riders in mind, this helmet provides the ultimate protection while increasing visibility.

Did we mention that it also looks cool?

The lights can be on permanently or set to blink. Battery life on the LEDs is up to eight hours if set to be on permanently and up to twelve hours if set to blink, the battery is charged by USB.

Despite the new technology and LED battery, the helmet remains light and also features a new visor system, Autoseal, which uses a sprung visor that keeps it perfectly in place, keeping water out and hugely reducing noise.The visor can be fitted with a Pinlock® film to reduce misting and fogging.

The SKWAL 2 is available in stock today in 4 plain colors and 7 different graphics including some MotoGP replica design. MSRP’s from $259,99.

 The SKWAL 2 received 4* out of 5* at SHARP safety test. For more information about SHARP testing scheme, visit https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/
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