As little as a year ago, things were looking rosy, if slightly behind schedule, and we were expecting great things from the savior of the legendary British manufacturer. Just last June, our man Andrew Capone spoke with Norton boss Stuart Garner at an event in NYC, who told him Norton would soon reenter the US market:

“We’ll be in the hunt for the right kinds of dealers, ones that understand this brand and have an affinity for this segment of the market. We’ll be bringing in the 961, the V4 SS, and the 650 twins, and using select shows and Norton enthusiast club gatherings and the like to build back our customer base.”

Now it appears the wheels truly have come off as a result of many bumps in the road, including Brexit, but it’s beginning to look a lot like outright fraud on the part of its principal, Stuart Garner, and associates. Read the full story here at The Guardian.