Electric motorcycle dealership, Hollywood Electrics is celebrating ten years of business.

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#1 Electric Motorcycle Dealership Hollywood Electrics Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

The All-Electric 2-Wheeled Vehicle Dealer Celebrates a Decade of Zero Emissions Riding and Racing 

LOS ANGELES Oct. 1, 2019 PRLog Hollywood Electrics, the World’s Leading Electric Motorcycle Dealership, has announced its 10th Anniversary. The Los Angeles-based dealer is #1 in global Electric Motorcycle sales and is known for its premium product selection, custom motorcycles, and award-winning racing team. 

Hollywood Electrics began as Founder/CEO Harlan Flagg’s dream of delivering electric two-wheeled vehicles that were easy, fast, and green. “As an electrical engineer and motorcycle enthusiast, Hollywood Electrics was an opportunity for me to combine my passions,” said Flagg. In September 2009, Hollywood Electrics first opened its doors and shortly thereafter became the top electric motorcycle dealer worldwide. Over the past decade, customers have logged over 1 million miles on its electric two-wheeled vehicles. 

The year 2009 was a different world, with significantly fewer electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations. Battery technology has progressed, dedicated fast-charging infrastructure has proliferated, and consumer demand has increased for zero-emissions vehicles. Today, every demographic has access to EVs from Teslas to BMWs, and ride-on-demand electric scooters to rentable electric bicycles. The hope of an all-electric zero-emissions future has become a reality, spurred on by EV visionaries and a consumer market that is becoming more eco-conscious. 

Alongside its #1 position in Electric Motorcycle sales, Hollywood Electrics offers a high-end product line of aftermarket parts and custom motorcycles. The Hollywood Electrics Motorcycle Racing Team tests these products on a competitive national level. The 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb inspired modification of the then-current Zero S motorcycle with a larger controller, in what would become Zero’s flagship Zero SR in 2014. The Zero FX platform was also modified as a Supermoto for the race, which would eventually become the next flagship: the Zero FXS in 2016. Race data and real-world stress testing led to the development of the Hollywood Electrics Fairing Kits that have proven their worth with the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) and its eMotoRacing Class, where Hollywood Electrics has consistently topped the podiums at locations like Willow Springs Raceway in CA, Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI, Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL, and Utah Motorsports Park. 

As the worldwide Electric Motorcycle community continues to thrive, Hollywood Electrics looks forward to expanding upon its success to date. Hollywood Electrics’ goal is to make electric two-wheeled vehicles as ubiquitous as the internal combustion machines they are steadily replacing. A future of clearer skies, less dependency on oil, and reduced urban congestion awaits, beginning with each individual rider’s simple choice of riding electric motorcycles. 

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