KTM 790 Adventure Skid Plate

Black Dog Cycle Works, makers of some of the burliest skid plates on the market, has announced that its KTM 790 Adventure Skid Plate is now available for pre-order with shipment expected mid-October.

Begin Press Release: 



We are making great progress on our parts for the new KTM 790 – I am sure not as fast as everyone (including us) would like but we are confident it will be worth the wait.

Our Ultimate Skid Plate for the KTM 790 Adventure is now available for Pre-Order including an introductory discount of $25 for the first batch. Expected availability is mid-October. Now that a few more options are coming to market, we can point out some of the characteristics of our skid plate that we feel give it the advantage over other designs:

  • Stout 3/16″ 5052 Aluminum construction which provides an excellent balance of weight, impact absorption and durability.
  • The BURLY Rear mounting bracket we designed reinforces the footpeg mounts to reduce the change of damage to the engine case.
  • The energy from bottom impacts are dispersed by a rubber shock block as well as the stock support. We have seen some skid plates that are completely unsupported between the front and rear mounting locations which definitely risks the engine and header pipe.
  • Our design does NOT attach to the engine block
  • Eliminates the need for heavy engine bars or tank protection as it is compatible with the stock tank guards (which are proving to be very durable).
  • Front ventilation holes provide plenty of airflow while allowing minimal debris to enter the skid plate from the front tire which would block the airflow holes as seen in some other designs.
  • Our 2 piece design is maintenance friendly, requiring the removal of only 5 bolts for oil changes! We have seen some designs that require as many as 10 bolts to be removed!!
  • Smooth flat bottom for clearing obstacles and lifting the bike for maintenance
  • Three color options: Black, White and a Black/White Combo
  • Same legendary protection as our other skid plates developed over the last 13 years
  • Made in the U.S.A. – supporting American craftsmen and the U.S. economy!!
The following KTM 790 parts are in stock and ready to ship:
  • Traction footpegs
  • Platform footpegs
  • Multi-Function Rear Rack
  • Side Stand Enlarger
  • Throttle Control
  • Hepco Becker crash bars in Black and Orange
Coming soon:
  • Hepco Becker Pannier racks (can be pre-ordered)
In Development:
  • Pillion Rack (which integrates into our rear rack)
  • Light mounts

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