Mithos now promises delivery within 11 weeks and availability of semi-custom suits.

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Effective September 1, 2019, Mithos launched its Guaranteed Delivery program and new lower-price ‘custom-fit, semi-custom design’ suit options.

Mithos has added staff, a U.S. design team and significantly increased factory capacity to meet the incredible demand. “We were absolutely unprepared for the number of orders we got right off the bat and we have been playing catch up ever since,” said Ken Tam, CEO of Mithos USA. “Once people get their suit, they love it but delays have been our Achilles heel. We’ve solved the issues and now we need to prove that to our clients. The best way to do that is with a guarantee.”

If an order is not delivered within 11 weeks of final sign-off on design and measurements, the client will get $100 off the price of the suit. If the suit takes longer than 12 weeks, they will get an additional $100 off.

Mithos is committed to bringing its top-of-the-line safety, premium quality and unmatched fit to everyone. To that end, they have reworked their pricing model and are introducing four Semi-Custom design suits at a reduced price. This ‘custom-fit with semi-custom design’ allows clients to choose one of four Semi-Custom Mithos designs and personalize it with any color combination available in their chosen leather – cow or kangaroo*.

“You can ask anyone who has a Mithos suit and they will tell you it’s the most comfortable suit they’ve ever worn. The effort that went into developing the pattern really shows once you zip up and roll out,” said Dustin Coyner, Racer Support Manager at Mithos. “Custom-fit is obviously more comfortable but it is also safer. Very few people can wear off-the-rack suits – it’s going to be loose somewhere. And that may mean trouble in a crash.”

At $1,599 for cow leather and $2,249 for kangaroo, clients get a custom-built suit exactly to their body measurements with YKK zippers, premium leather, SAS-TEC armor and a 2-year warranty against any non-crash related damage.

“Our goal is to match some of the high-end off-the-rack pricing but with custom-fit and allow the client to choose their own colors. Let’s face it, at a track day, most of the suits are black or white with red or blue accents. This world isn’t black and white. Bikes and helmets are all different colors. Now your leathers can be as well,” said Ken Tam.

Clients can add Tech-Air compatibility, a Tech-Air vest or upgrade the armor from SAS-TEC to Paramount for an additional cost. To check out the Semi-Custom suit designs and color options, visit the website

“I am thankful to find that U.S. riders value the quality and safety that Mithos is proud to deliver. We have many new products planned in the future and look forward to bringing them to the U.S. market” said Bruno Zimmerli, Founder, Mithos.

Semi-Custom Suit Designs