Speed & Strength’s mission statement describes MO to a T! We too are the epitome of the anti-establishment street rider led by Culture, Style, and Performance, developed for riders of all levels, color and creed that consider themselves a rebel to the status quo of the common rider, with a primary emphasis on sportbikes and V-Twins. We too exude the edgy culture of urban and canyon street riding through bold, aggressive  designs, and our soul mission is to enhance your ride while minimizing bodily damage, and maybe getting some ice cream. Anywho, S&S’ new 2020 catalog is out.

Speed & Strength Press Release:

Irvine, CA (August 19, 2019)- Some dare to dream. We dare to live. Speed and Strength product puts high performance within reach so you can let your riding define your status. Our new 2020 collection is hyper-focused on protection and mobility so you can ride comfortably regardless of what unforeseen perils the open road has to throw at you. Be bold, be ready. Be fast and be strong. Do you dream of the #FASTLIFE?
“We are excited to launch our new 2020 Speed and Strength collection. The product range consists of a full range of all-new men’s and women’s apparel, four helmet models, gloves and footwear that elevates the brand product line. Our 2020 line has been completely redesigned from the ground up and gives Speed and Strength an updated look that injects a breath of fresh air into the marketplace.” Stated Rob Ramlose, VP of Brands for the MAG Apparel Group.
“Today culminates two years of hard work that everyone working on the brand has accomplished. I’m really excited to finally be able to share the 2020 product launch of our new and exciting products to our Tucker Powersports and Tucker VTwin dealer network. We have some great brand and product stories that will be released throughout the year that’s going to surprise the industry.” Stated Kobi Iseri, Marketing Manager for Speed and Strength.
Sold exclusively through Tucker Powersports and Tucker VTwin dealers, learn more about the all new Speed and Strength Fall 2020 collection by visiting ssgear.com and your local authorized dealer.

To see the whole 132-page catalog full of helmets, jackets, pants, gloves and footwear for men and women, click here.