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August 16, 2019
| On 8 months ago

September 7 is Ural International Ride Day

Takes as many people or animals as you can for a ride, make friends, win prizes – it’s all quite simple, and sponsored by our Ural-importing friends up in Redmond, Washington.

Ural Press Release:
On Saturday, September 7th, we invite all Uralistas to come out and give rides to as many people as possible during the annual Ural Ride Day. This special day continues a tradition of Ural riders who started the Ural Ride Day to promote sidecar camaraderie anywhere and everywhere. We’re happy to continue this wonderful tradition. Let’s share the chair, spread the joy of sidecars, and earn some prizes along the way!

Get all the details here. What? You don’t have a Ural? Now’s the time to take advantage of the Summer Special then.