“Grass clippings on concrete or asphalt is about equal to ice,” said Keven Foster, a long time motorcycle rider in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Butch Logan agrees. Not only are grass clippings a traction issue, they’re also a visual hazard that can sneak up on “the most experience of rider.”

“If you are behind a car or a group of motorcycles, the grass will blow up right off of the road and go right around your glasses into your eyes. You’re now blind,” Logan said. “What are you going to do? Hit the breaks in slick grass?”

We have KXII Fox News 12 in Ardmore to thank for this potentially life-saving footage, which if it keeps one bag of deadly, sewer-clogging grass from entering the roadway (particularly in the curb areas where riders often make right turns to maintain their balance), is more than worth it.

Let’s be careful out there people.