In the back of their minds, racers know how good their lives are overall, but sometimes a trip to visit those truly less fortunate than you is a wake-up call.

Begin press release:

Hayden Gillim is one of the fastest men on two wheels, but his passions span far beyond the race track which brings him to remote locations, searching for enlightenment and ways to help others.

Gillim set out on his adventure with two goals in mind. Climbing the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and providing solar lights to the local people of Nairobi, Kenya.

As you’ll see, Gillim faced countless trials and tribulations on his trek up to the summit of the mountain. However, his toughest test came when helping the local, underprivileged people of Nairobi and seeing the conditions they live in. Admittedly, Gillim says he returned from his trip with a renewed perspective, which he will incorporate to his racing, not taking anything for granted.