The Jarvish Tron will include built-in LEDs around the helmet to evoke an image straight out of science fiction. 

Begin Press Release: 

JARVISH: The Smartest Motorcycle Helmet Ever Made

Head-up display, 360° front & rear cameras, handsfree control & Alexa built-in

The X-Series full-face helmets include top of the range built-in HD surrounding sound speakers, noise reduction microphone, and front 2K camera as standard. The X-AR also includes the HUD, AR projections, 2K rear-facing camera, and optical waveguide technology. Both the X-AR and standard X model are fully certified, including ECE R22.05 (Europe, Australia), DOT (US and Canada), CNS 2396, CNS 13438, CNS 13439 (Asia), FCC (electronic radiation safety certifications).

JARVISH secured over $420K in funding on Kickstarter and have continued their funding on Indiegogo.