To put some fears to rest, the Lightning Strike will have a more relaxed riding position than the LS-218. We know this because Lightning sent us the following image:

The accompanying text read as follows:

Since Lightning’s initial announcement for the upcoming launch of Strike, one of the top questions from customers has been in regards to rider position. In response to this, we wanted to clearly demonstrate Strike’s rider position relative to the ultra performance focused Lightning LS-218 Superbike. Strike is a motorcycle engineered for the track, but designed for the street.  

So we still don’t know much else about the Strike in regards to its aesthetics or its performance, but at least we know the riding position will be more relaxed. This is surely a good thing for a street-biased motorcycle. We’ll post more information as we get it, and of course, the Strike’s official unveiling is set for March 2019, at which point we’ll provide all the details we can.