Neale Bayly is a friend of MO, and a great ambassador for motorcycling and the good two wheels can bring to the world. We encourage you to help support his cause.

Begin press release:

Adventure motorcycling mixed with the kind of feel-good stories the world needs more of is the domain of Neale Bayly, a longtime journalist and photographer who is using his skills as a storyteller in video form.

“As a motorcycle journalist, I liked the idea of showing motorcycling in a positive light,” explains Bayly.

“My idea was to bring people on amazing journeys through the developing world to really experience the true beauty of these countries from the saddle of a motorcycle, to really challenge them to step outside of their regular life,” says the effervescent ex-Brit who now lives in North Carolina.

“And then, when they felt comfortable with their new surroundings, bring them to an orphanage or place of need to see how they could benefit those who struggle with far less than what they have. I wanted them to see the beauty in the children, not the dirt,” Bayly underscores.

If you don’t recognize Bayly from the pages of countless print and online magazines, you might identify him from the TV show Trippin’ On Two Wheels, a program that illustrated the fun and adventure to be had when traveling aboard motorcycles. Following that experience, Bayly developed a program of his own, called Neale Bayly Rides, as a mechanism to promote adventure motorcycle travel and raise money and awareness for the abandoned children of the Wellspring foundation.

TV executives were skeptical of Neale’s good-hearted ambitions with his concept and his desire to show motorcycling in a positive light. He wanted to show motorcyclists as giving, caring and adventurous.

“It was a tough sell in America,” Bayly relates. “I had 13 network rejections in 18 months, complaining that it was, ‘Too soft,’ ‘too fluffy.”

But Bayly’s dedication to philanthropy could not be stopped, and the show aired on Speed a few years ago, then was later rebroadcast on MAV TV. The heart-warming adventure can now be seen on the Neale Bayly Rides YouTube channel.

Neale hopes the motorcycle community will get behind the show, as he intends to continue his mission to show adventurous motorcyclists traveling to exotic locations to help those in need.

“I can’t say too much at the moment,” says Bayly somewhat cryptically. “We are back on tour in South Africa in November riding to raise money for the Wellspring foundation, and again in Peru next April and May.”

Bayly’s format remains the same: Riding motorcycles in beautiful places in the world to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves.

Do motorcyclists and the world a favor and subscribe to Bayly’s YouTube channel to support an authentic philanthropist who wants nothing less than to help those in need.

For a glimpse into the cool bloke that Bayly is, check out this brief video on YouTube, Neale’s Deal.

For more information, contact Neale at [email protected].