2012-2013 Yamaha Super Tenere Recall

Yamaha is recalling the 2012-2013 Super Ténéré because of an electrical issue that can prevent the engine from returning to idle. The recall affects 4,736 Super Ténéré in the U.S.; models from later model years are not included in this recall.

According to documents Yamaha filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, heat over time may create a gap in the protective caulking in the lead wire splicing connecting the accelerator position sensor and throttle position sensor to the electronic control unit. The opening may allow the wires to corrode, changing their electrical resistance and interfering with the signals received by the ECU, and as a result, the engine speed may not return to idle when the throttle is released. Warning signs of a potential issue include difficulty restarting, engine misfires and poor engine performance.

Yamaha Motor Corporation USA was informed about the issue by its parent company on Sept. 26, after a quality control review of a foreign market model with a similar design.

Dealers will install a new sub-wire harness lead which will bypassing the area at risk of corrosion. The new sub-wire harness lead uses a different style of wire splice hat that is heat resistant.