CNBC is reporting today that President Trump encouraging a boycott of Harley-Davidson earlier this year seems to be taking its toll, with H-D’s sales down 8.7% in the first half of 2018. Meanwhile, main rival Indian saw its sales grow 4% in the same time frame, according to industry analyst Gerrick L. Johnson at BMO Capital Markets. Well, it’s hard to blame first-half results on Trump’s call for a boycott, since he didn’t tweet it till mid-August. But Johnson seems to think it’ll only add to H-D’s woes.

“While President Trump’s assessment of HOG’s actions in his tweets were often factually inaccurate, the damage has been done,” Johnson said in a research note. “Dealers are feeling an impact, and we find that the impact has become more acute over time,” the CNBC report says. Read the whole thing here at