The 6th Annual Baja Rally kicked off yesterday in Ensenada as the race heads to Catavina for Stage 1.

Begin Press Release: 

The 6th Annual BAJA RALLY Kicks Off!

And They’ve Made Some Improvements

The 6th installment of the BAJA RALLY arrived on October 8th, 2018 equipped with upgrades: an environmental impact study in-hand increased international coverage, more advanced Rally Comp systems and a journey to the Sea of Cortez.

Approved by SEMARNAT, the environmental impact study warrants the organization’s compliance with all applicable federal laws. This is the first time an investigation of this nature has occurred for any off-road events in Mexico. It was a six-month process involving Scientists, Biologists, and a Specialized team to see it through to the end, concluding the BR organization and event observes all Mexican regulations put forth. Three key factors which brought them to their decision:

  • The organization does not “pre-run,” removing any unnecessary disturbances to the environment
  • They do not race at night, ensuring the nocturnal populations of local species remain unharmed as visibility is decreased.
  • The competition will never grow beyond motorcycles and UTVs, keeping any disruption of the environment to a minimum.

Presently, the Media has a large international presence at the event, with journalists and documentarians from the US to Mexico, Colombia to Korea. This, rally organizers hope, will expand their audience and open doors to new participants all over the world who dream of competing in North America.

This year, the organization has wiped the proverbial slate clean for the 6th edition of Baja California’s original navigation-based Rally Raid event. They’ve put their efforts into some brand-new sections of the course, so racers are in for a treat with never-before-seen sites, fresh terrain and an abundance of challenges.

“We spent the last three months fine-tuning the road book, but, with impeccable timing, the weather washed away a lot of hard work. This is so far the most demanding BAJA RALLY ever, due to the impact of the storms. As humans, we, of course, cannot predict the temperament of Mother Nature, and so, we must be prepared for every unforeseen obstacle.”

Friends, family, and fans can also indulge in the trials and tribulations of both the competitors and the organizers with live footage on the BR Facebook page courtesy of the Satellite Phone Store. Concerns following Hurricane Rosa’s recent rampage across North America’s southwestern regions have been put to rest as BAJA RALLY President, Scotty Bloom, spent this past week riding the entire race course noting every change caused by the torrents.

Join North America’s premier navigation rally for another epic event.